TrackMe serves not only as a simple tool to track objects online, but it can also be a lifesaver. The devices that are integrated with our systems can ensure tracking of almost any object be it vehicles, but also the track Life. Be it tracking of Children or even Pets, our services are very broadly designed to capture and serve all aspects that needs to be considered.

Our vastly experienced team of Developers, Analysts and Solution teams are committed, passionate and willing to be different and ready to provide tailor-made solutions to match any type of customer requirement.

GPS Process
  • Choose Plan

    Choose Plan

    Pay monthly, depending on the number of objects you track

  • Mobile App Branding

    Mobile app branding

    Get branded apps and add them to the app stores

  • Choose Extra Option

    Choose Extra Option

    Recommended extra options for businesses

  • Make Payment

    Make Payment

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GPS Software

TrackMe provides Free Registration Family Account where you can add up to 3 devices with 14 days of tracking history.

Server with software are hosted at the TrackMe Data Center. TrackMe Infrastructure team undertake all technical aspects, while the Business will concentrate on the core responsibilities, leaving aside worries of TrackMe being managed.

The TrackMe development team will customise the server with software, provide support, ensure physical / electronic security whilst ensuring privacy of data and information and update systems periodically once available.

TrackMe application is a comprehensive tracking solution which can operate anywhere globally where Internet is available. This application can be hosted at a server at the Business end with the software that gives you the total control of the objects that can be added and monitored.

The objects can be viewed simultaneously and its location displayed on maps with precise details up to the street level. This solution is ideal for Banks, Logistical Companies who require to track the movements of their fleet.

TrackMe provides various types of Child, Pet and vehicle tracking devices to suite the need. These devices can be purchased directly from TrackMe.

GPS Uses

Trusted Company

GPSWOX has over 100k customers from all around world.

Top White-label Software

Track your fleet or start GPS tracking business.
Save money, buy lifetime license. No monthly fees.

Any Language

Software is translated into 20 languages.
If needed, we can add a new language.

Universal Platform

Software is suitable for any type
of business or industry.

Hosting on Your Server

Easy install and run on your server.
If needed, host on our powerful server.

Extra Options

Order corporate website, hosting on our
server, SSL certificates, automatic software updates.


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